Groupöupon: For The Social Media Nerd Who Has (Or Wants) It All

Groupöupon is the web’s newest luxury goods destination. From the makers of the popular social coupon service Groupon, Groupoupon promises the kind of elite status that only the most high end of haute couture can give you.

Take their exclusive eau de toilette – Presence, which retails for the low price of less than $2,000 a bottle.

According to the site,  “Water is the essence of life, and now you can exude the essence of water with Presence, the world’s first water-scented designer fragrance. Raw hydrogens skimmed from the Tibetan Borealis are unified with pure arctic oxygen to create this subtle yet unmistakable fragrance. Like a chameleon, Presence adapts to your mood. Today it recalls the faint memory of an autumn fog; tomorrow, a bath in the purest lunar spring. Its stillness can inspire beauty; its beauty can inspire contemplation; and now, its Presence can be yours.”

Of course, Groupoupon’s incredible selection of the world’s most glamorous goods doesn’t stop there. They’ve got the ultimate boardroom accessory – the gilded crown. And, of course, the latest in ultra-sleek, faceless watches.

With quick and easy registration – just submit to a retinal scan, and shoot them over some simple documentation of your annual income – this site’s a cinch to become the next big thing in blinged out buys. And, I definitely know where I’m spending this month’s paycheck (money collage, anyone?)