Los Angeles Tech + Social Media Group Seeks Advisory Board Members

Note: This post originally appeared on the Girls in Tech site

Wanted: People who believe in the Girls in Tech mission of educating, empowering and advancing women in technology across all sectors of business, media and tech. We have openings on the Girls in Tech LA Advisory Board for men and women who want to help us plan and promote our events, recruit new sponsors and members, build our brand and grow our organization. It’s a purely volunteer position but the rewards – including exposure for your personal and professional brands, access to some of the best and brightest in the LA tech scene  and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to create a powerful platform for local women in technology – are invaluable.

Requirements: Must be able to commit to at least a few hours of work each week, as well as a single 20-minute conference call each month. Must be passionate about promoting our group, and eager to work on all of the exciting panels, events and partnerships we’re building. Must love working closely with a fantastic team of amazing, inspiring women to build a truly great brand.

Responsibilities: Doing what you do best – whatever that may be – to help us take Girls in Tech LA to the next level.

To Apply: Email mollievandor@girlsintech.net with your name, area of expertise and the amount of time you think you’ll be able to commit to GIT LA.


Fashion Week On Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook & More: The Savvy Stylista’s Guide To Getting A Front Row Seat From Your Computer Screen

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – fashion week. And, from fashion blogs to the New York Times , everyone’s talking about all the sensational styles currently making their way down the runways of Lincoln Center. Of course, not everyone has a front row seat for all that fabulous fashion.

Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you don’t need a ticket to check out the latest trends on the runway. All you have to do is turn on your computer. Which is way easier than navigating the steps of Lincoln Center in your stilettos anyway.

Speaking of navigating, I’ve rounded up the best sites for finding fashion coverage on the web in this handy guide – How To: Find Fashion Show Videos & Fashion Show Pics Online. It’s full of the best places to find fashion show videos, behind the scenes coverage of fashion week, runway show reviews and more.

And the best part? These resources will last well beyond the trends they’re covering, so you can keep checking back for fresh fashion coverage during the rest of this season and beyond. Because the best fashion statement is the one that’s always in style. Well, that and pretty much anything by Chanel.

Is Beauty Only Skin Deep? GlamourGals Uses A Social Network To Prove Otherwise

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As women in a mostly male-dominated field, it’s easy to have a tenuous relationship with the idea of ‘beauty.’ After all, we want people to focus on the skills and savvy we bring to the table, and not necessarily on the brand of purse we put down on top of it. If you’re a female who deals regularly with developers, this balancing act can be even more precarious. How do you justify spending time on hair and makeup when most of the men you’re working with would rather worry about HTML than hygiene?

But, it’s hard to ignore the effect your appearance has on your confidence. And, any successful woman – or man for that matter – will tell you that confidence is a key component of that success. So, many of us still take the time to do our hair. To put on a little makeup. To pick out that perfect outfit. It doesn’t make us any less skilled or savvy, it just makes us feel a little better as we go about our daily business. What we don’t realize is how lucky we are to be able to do that for ourselves. And, that’s where GlamourGals comes in.

GlamourGals is an organization that arranges makeovers and beauty treatments for women in nursing homes. By hooking young women up with their elderly counterparts, the organization provides both parties with opportunities to foster meaningful relationships, and also helps those elderly women to get that same little beauty boost we all know and love. It also has an amazing social media component, in its use of a proprietary networking site for all of its chapters, which helps the organization keep infrastructure costs low and connectivity high. Started in 2000, GlamourGals is now having its tenth birthday party in LA, giving glamorous gals across the LA area the chance to celebrate and support this very worthy cause.

The party is at Bimi Restaurant, on February 25. There will be complementary cocktails, raffle prizes, food and gift bags, and the whole thing kicks off at 6pm. Hosts include Lauren Berger and Laurel Kaufman of our very own GIT LA chapter, and Girls in Tech members get $10 off ticket prices through the first week of February. So, break out your best beauty products and start primping – this is one event worth getting all dolled up for.

What: GlamourGals 10th Birthday Party

Where: Bimi Restaurant, 11917 Wilshire Blvd

When: Feb 25, 2010 (6-9pm)

Register Here