iPhone Addiction: Mums the Word

If you ask any of my family or friends, they’ll tell you that I definitely have a favorite accessory. An accessory that also just so happens to be the one gadget that’s been pretty much glued to my palm since the day I first picked it out in the apple store.

It’s my iPhone. And, as much as I complain about it, I know that at the end of the day, I only have one person to blame for my full-blown iPhone addiction. And it sure ain’t Steve Jobs.

That’s why I so cherish those moments in life that help prove the practicality of having a smartphone permanently fused to my palm. And that is why I’m enjoying my mums so much.

You see, two weeks ago, I was standing in the flower aisle at my local Trader Joes trying to figure out which bouquet to buy. I love having fresh flowers in my house but I hate spending so much money on something that just dies. It hasn’t been an issue in a few years because I haven’t been able to afford extras like fresh flowers. Even now that I can, I still want to make the most of my money at the market.

So there I was, standing in the flower aisle, staring like an idiot at all these beautiful bouqets. Unlike the TJs I normally go to, this one didn’t have little signs saying how long each arrangement could be expected to last.

I was at a total dumbfounded loss. Until my phone buzzed, delivering a foursquare update and a reminder of its existence with one simple vibration. And, two clicks of my keyboard and one google search later, I had my answer. Apparently, mums WERE the word. Gorgeous yellow ones on sale for $4.99 to be exact.

Two weeks later, and the big, bright, beautiful bouqet is as big, bright and beautiful as it was the day I bought it. Google was right. And once again, my phone was handy in a totally practical way. Not that being able to play Oregon Trail while at a bar isn’t practical, but I’m not entirely sure it would stand up as a strong case for my app addiction at the local ATT anonymous meeting. Although I could always argue that the dysentery made me do it…




I work on the eleventh floor, in an office with windows covered in the giant, sticky-paper ads that not only render them unopenable but also give every view this sickly blackish tint. The lighting is functionally fluorescent, and the furniture is the desk-and-chair equivalent of pre-fab housing. It’s easy to feel totally separated from the outside world, sealed up in a hermetic bubble of bright lights and clattering keyboards. It usually hits me in the early afternoon, when the desire to breathe uncirculated air manages to push past the hectic whirlwhind of my morning mind. That’s when I need to take a second and look at something pretty. Something soothing. Something other than the site we’ve been working on. And once again, on this all-too-normal Thursday afternoon, DesignSponge came through for me. This time offering up this beautiful bouquet of bright yellow daffodils. Light. Airy. Sunshine-y. Just what I need to remind me that the weekend is on its way, and the little weather app on my iPhone says it’s going to be in the seventies. Beach, here I come. Laptop, hold down the fort at home.