Social Media + Ashton Kutcher + Malaria = Major Social Good

Today, Mashable ran an article titled How Social Media Helped 174 Million People Get the Message About Malaria. The gist of it is that massive amounts of money and awareness have been raised by the social media efforts of Ashton Kutcher, CNN and the UN in the battle to stop the spread of malaria.

And how did all this social good happen? Social media. Specifically, a whole heck of a lot of Tweeting. Which just goes to show you that Twitter can be used for spreading a whole lot more than #BieberFever. Here’s hoping Kutcher’s efforts continue to fuel the growing social good + social media trend. Hey, if the guy could singlehandedly bring back the trucker hat, maybe he can make charity and social action just as hip. They’re far more flattering on most people anyway. . .

Fashion’s Night Out

We all know what it feels like – that awful sinking feeling that you’re underdressed, out of your element and in way over your head. You could be the most competent, confident career woman in the world, but when that feeling comes bubbling up from the pit of your stomach and the back of your head, you can’t help but crumble a little bit.

It seems antithetical, but to me, that’s the best illustration of the power of fashion. That feeling that can bring you to your proverbial knees. Because, of course, it goes the other way too. Few things can make you feel more powerful and in control than feeling like you’ve got the perfect, pulled together outfit going on.

And that’s why I so admire the work that Dress For Success does in outfitting low income women with the work wardrobes – and career skills – they need to succeed. And, it’s why I’m so proud that we will be helping to raise money for them as part of our Girls in Tech Fashion’s Night Out event at Saks Fifth Ave. on September 10.

I know I’ve written about this event here before, but I cannot stress enough how much good Dress For Success can do with the money we raise. So, if you’re going to buy any new clothes, shoes, beauty or accessories for fall, why not buy them with a 15% discount, knowing that five percent of the profits from your purchase are going directly to Dress For Success?

Plus, just for showing up at our big Fashion’s Night Out event on Friday, you’ll also get a swag bag with $300 worth of goodies from places like Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Blow LA, Sports Club LA, Physique 57, Showstoppers, Frosted Cupcakery, LA Magazine, and Bellacureous. Not to mention free wine and bites from Malibu Wines, makeovers and style seminars from Saks’ experts and much more.

A good cause, a goodie bag full of glam goods, good style advice and great food…not a bad way to spend a night. Or the $30 it costs for a ticket.

Get yours today here. I’ll see you there! (As soon as I can pick out the perfect outfit, of course).

Twestival Los Angeles 2010: Tonight!

It’s not too late to buy your tickets for tonight’s Twestival LA event. I could spend the next ten minutes of blog post time telling you how awesome it’s going to be (and it is going to be awesome), but I think the event details speak for themselves.

Organizers include local tech + social media mavens like Stacey Soleil, Rynda Laurel, Shira Lazar, Brian Wilkins, Paula Gould and Kimberley Kearney. Every LA-based social media organization worth tweeting with will be there, including Digital LA and Girls in Tech LA. And, entertainment runs the gamut from a pop-up photo booth to a top secret performance by a major musical guest. Not to mention the fact that all proceeds go to Concern Worldwide, a truly worthy cause if ever there was one.

So, buy your tickets now, donate as much as you can and help us raise some money (and some seriously fun social media hell) all at the same time. After all, what else are you going to tweet about tonight?

Twestival 2010 LA: Twestival Brings Social Media Together For Social Good

Reprinted from my earlier post on Girls in Tech.

Girls in Tech LA is very proud to announce our involvement in LA’s very own Twestival on the 25th. Started in 2009, Twestival is a fantastic event that brings together local social media communities in over a hundred cities to raise money for a very worthy cause.  

This year’s LA version of the popular festival is happening at the legendary Roxy Theatre, and proceeds are going to Concern Worldwide — which brings incredible, educational programs to the world’s poorest and most marginalized children. Tickets are only $20, and well worth it, because the event is shaping up to be pretty great.

Our very own GIT LA member Shira Lazar is co-hosting, and entertainment includes Youtube’s official video mixing DJ-Mike Relm,  the TweetMuseum of one-of-a-kind celebrity Twitter art, the Polite in Public Digital Photo booth and 16 year-old DJ prodigy and music blogger Jake Simon. Plus, there’s going to be a surprise performance by a top alternative band that’s currently on tour. Not even we know who it is, but we do know we’re excited to find out.

You can find more info on the GIT LA Facebook page. Hope to see you there!

Is Beauty Only Skin Deep? GlamourGals Uses A Social Network To Prove Otherwise

See this post in its original format on Girls In Tech

As women in a mostly male-dominated field, it’s easy to have a tenuous relationship with the idea of ‘beauty.’ After all, we want people to focus on the skills and savvy we bring to the table, and not necessarily on the brand of purse we put down on top of it. If you’re a female who deals regularly with developers, this balancing act can be even more precarious. How do you justify spending time on hair and makeup when most of the men you’re working with would rather worry about HTML than hygiene?

But, it’s hard to ignore the effect your appearance has on your confidence. And, any successful woman – or man for that matter – will tell you that confidence is a key component of that success. So, many of us still take the time to do our hair. To put on a little makeup. To pick out that perfect outfit. It doesn’t make us any less skilled or savvy, it just makes us feel a little better as we go about our daily business. What we don’t realize is how lucky we are to be able to do that for ourselves. And, that’s where GlamourGals comes in.

GlamourGals is an organization that arranges makeovers and beauty treatments for women in nursing homes. By hooking young women up with their elderly counterparts, the organization provides both parties with opportunities to foster meaningful relationships, and also helps those elderly women to get that same little beauty boost we all know and love. It also has an amazing social media component, in its use of a proprietary networking site for all of its chapters, which helps the organization keep infrastructure costs low and connectivity high. Started in 2000, GlamourGals is now having its tenth birthday party in LA, giving glamorous gals across the LA area the chance to celebrate and support this very worthy cause.

The party is at Bimi Restaurant, on February 25. There will be complementary cocktails, raffle prizes, food and gift bags, and the whole thing kicks off at 6pm. Hosts include Lauren Berger and Laurel Kaufman of our very own GIT LA chapter, and Girls in Tech members get $10 off ticket prices through the first week of February. So, break out your best beauty products and start primping – this is one event worth getting all dolled up for.

What: GlamourGals 10th Birthday Party

Where: Bimi Restaurant, 11917 Wilshire Blvd

When: Feb 25, 2010 (6-9pm)

Register Here