Art Of Twitter: John Mayer, Martha Stewart & More

These hilarious images come courtesy of the Museum of Modern Tweets, where artist Odessa Begay creates these modern masterpieces inspired by celebrity Tweeters. You can read more about the Museum over at Mashable.

Or, you can just do what I did, and track down the almost-NSFW rendering of Anderson Cooper talking about sexual healing in his birthday suit, and then promptly make that your desktop background.

Jack Nicholson Lakers Game Photos: Why I Love The Internet

Jack Nicholson Adam Sander kissAhh, social media. Sure it has all sorts of practical uses — crowdsourcing product reviews, spreading the word about a charitable cause, finding lots of red balloons. But sometimes, social media boils down to its most basic use – feeling like you’re a part of a bigger, broader world. A world that also happens to accept and reward your particular proclivities – however nerdy, esoteric or just plain weird they might be.

Are you a passionate player of live action role playing games? Well, there’s a community for you. Are you obsessed with finding the perfect piece of pie? There’s a community for you too. Find yourself fiending for more fitness-minded friends? There’s a whole world of websites just waiting for you to join them.

When nerds rule the world (as is the case with the social web, regardless of how much cool-kid Ashton Kutcher might think differently), the world suddenly becomes a whole lot more diverse and a whole helluva lot more accepting. Unlike mainstream media, where tastes tend towards the…well, mainstream, the web has an endless array of areas where anyone can find their particular, passionate niche.

That’s why I should never be surprised when something surfaces that just so happens to combine multiple passions of mine into one perfectly meme-tastic moment. Of course, I always am, and pleasantly so. But I guess that’s part of the fun of being an avid web surfer. Sometimes you just stumble on something so good you have to feel like your life’s passions are at least a little validated just by the mere fact of its very existence.

And that, my friends, is the beauty of “The Best Jack Nicholson Lakers Game Photos” — at least for me. It combines three of my favorite pastimes – basketball (specifically, Lakers basketball), celebrities, and sheer, unadulterated voyeurism (ahem, my reality TV habit). It also involves lots of pretty pictures. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a win-win. Which is something I desperately need after last night’s Lakers-Clippers match-up.

So, without any further ado, please to enjoy. (Thanks, Buzzfeed!)

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