Keep Calm And…

“Keep Calm And…” is like the glitter of inspirational slogans.

Full of pinnable pith, and boasting the seemingly endless potential for cute little graphic accessories, it’s the tiny tag-line that just won’t quit. When something this insidiously inspirational shows up in your email inbox on an otherwise uneventful Monday morning, there’s only one thing to be done.

Keep  calm and make a collage out of Google Image results.



Insert Witticisms Here

I was going to write a long, witty piece about how much I’ve missed blogging, why it’s been so long since my last post, and what I’ve learned in the interim.

But, long, witty blog posts are so 2009.

The tl;dr is this:

  • It’s been a while
  • I’m back
  • I hope you like the redesign
  • Stay tuned for more posts to come 
  • They will probably be shorter now

Welcome to Mollie’s Blog 3.0. Now with more bullet points.