Fashion Yourself The Perfect Vacation With Style For Hire

This article was originally published on the  Exclusive Resorts blog, the online destination for all things luxury travel, from the world’s leading private club for luxury vacations.

You’re on vacation – warm and sunkissed from a relaxing day spent sitting poolside at your favorite resort. After a long, luxurious shower, you take your time getting yourself groomed and gorgeous before a big night out. And then it happens. You realize you’ve got a full suitcase and nothing to wear. Never fear,Style For Hire is here.

The new web startup from famed stylist and TV personality Stacy London connects a network of hand-picked stylists directly with those in need of style intervention. Whether you’re looking for a special outfit or an entire wardrobe upgrade, Style For Hire has 35 stylists in 24 U.S. cities waiting to help you out. You can even search by specific style, price point and more.

The service also offers a Shopping Tourism program. As they say on their site, “Your Stylist can meet you at your hotel or a retail district for some shopping like a local. Whether you’re looking for vintage, local or designer duds, your stylist will hook you up.” There’s also Personal Shopping services, a closet audit, corporate and group packages, and even a package to help you shop for new looks in your own closet.

Services start at $65. As Co-Founder and Stylist In Chief Stacy London says on the site “I am a true believer in the idea that personal style is just that personal and unique. Our stylists will help their clients find their OWN style, and perhaps a bit of extra confidence in the process.”

Of course, stylists don’t necessarily have to be expensive, or even cost any money at all. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the wisdom of the crowd is now perfectly capable of functioning as your own personal arbiter of what to wear — and more importantly when you’re on vacation, what not to wear.

Far from your friends, and not sure if the outfit you packed is exactly right? Just snap a pic and upload it toFashism or Go Try It On. Both websites will post your clothing pic, and let your discerning fellow fashionistas weigh in on whether they love it or hate it. You can also post specific questions about accessories, color combos or anything else you’re wondering about your wardrobe. And, they both have mobile apps, so all that advice will fit nicely into your carry-on luggage too.

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