Elon Musk To Speak At Caltech Graduation

This post was originally published on Lalawag. And while we’re at it with the pre-post acknowledgements, a big shout-out to my little brother & future Beaver (hopefully!) Isaac Vandor. Here’s hoping I get to see someone equally kickass speaking at your Caltech graduation in about 7 years. 
Elon Musk To Take The Stage At Caltech Commencement


Forget awards season. For LA techies, it looks like Caltech’s June commencement ceremony might be the hottest ticket in town, now that the Pasadena-based university has announced Elon Musk as the official commencement speaker.

Musk, who co-founded PayPal and is also the founder behind SpaceX and Tesla Motors, will be keynoting the school’s graduation ceremony on June 15th. According to SoCalTech, Musk will be discussing the ways ”brilliant, big ideas can and will have a positive impact in the world.”

Caltech President Jean-Lou Chameau said the university reached out to Musk because of his game-changing work. “Elon Musk is a visionary business leader and innovator who is spearheading revolutionary ideas in three global industries—automobiles, energy, and space exploration. He is a powerful proponent of science and technology, and will share with Caltech graduates his perspective on how their brilliant, big ideas can and will have a positive impact in the world,” Chameau said. ”Musk has demonstrated how talent, intelligence, and active leadership—notable traits that Caltech graduates also share—are vital to shaping the future of our world.”

SoCal Tech also pointed out that Musk is a great fit for Caltech thanks to one of his pursuits in particular — SpaceX. SpaceX develops commercial rockets, and is currently gearing up for its first mission to the International Space Station, to commence in February. Caltech runs the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which helped develop some of America’s first rockets.

Angelenos — and the world — can watch Musk talk about SpaceX and much more when he takes the stage on June 15, as Caltech live streams the ceremony on their website. No caps and gowns required.

4 thoughts on “Elon Musk To Speak At Caltech Graduation

  1. I saw this posted and wanted to get thoughts: “Is this a credible product? Tesla Motors is under Fed investigation for bribery & corruption; Musk stole the company from Martin the founder; Tesla has been sued many, many times for misdeeds; Tesla took taxpayer $$ yet hired off-shore workers and fired NUMMI union workers; Their batteries blow up when they get wet or overcharge; They owe more $ than they can ever pay back. The Leaf does the same thing for $100k less. The billionaire owner got free tax money without earning it; Goldman, K&L Gates, KPCB & their investors put in fake car orders and fake stock buys to pump the stock; They lied to San Jose, Downey, New Mexico and many cities about building a factory in each; The CEO cheated on his wife & business partners; The CEO hires magazines to write glory-stories about him; Telsa has 30 Indian bloggers hired to write fake user postings; The EMF from the car is measured to cause biological damage; They changed the prices on customers after they ordered; They never get their costs right; each car coming off the line has problems according to Musk himself; Selling 4K cars after a decade is a pathetically small # for such
    a run-of-the-mill electric car; They announce they “intend” to pay the loan back early, yet do not actually pay it back even though the owner has a billion dollars; Former staff have accused the CEO of
    everything from spying to harassment; The public calls the car the “Solyndra-Mobile” and say it is an
    “Un-American Product”; It is made, and priced, by and for Stanford elitist yuppie rich boys; The same six
    writers that support Tesla have been shown to be paid shills; All of this is well documented. Wouldn’t
    anyone would be ashamed to drive a Tesla?”

  2. GREAT article. But linknig from the 12 tech leaders’ resolutions was both inaccurate (given there are no resolutions here) and unnecessary (as I was enticed to come to the article via an NRF newsletter linknig this and that newsletter gave a quote from this particular article I have no interest in reading tech leaders’ resolutions). Further it was difficult to get to this page from the page introducing the 12 leaders’ resolutions, as the text on the photos was in many cases unreadable, especially for this Mullenweg article. I got to this as I could make out the Open word and guessed this was Mullenweg’s likeness. Second attempt at commenting seriously, my comment doesn’t appear and no notification like pending approval of the comment because I chose guest instead of one of the commercial services? Fine, I logged in via Twitter this time. But this really needs to fix its messaging and/or technical issues (I’m not sure which it is). Apologies if this resulted in a double post.

  3. It’s really nice that filanly the space program is commercially available to all those can afford it. I believe privatization of such sectors could bring a dramatic change on how we view them, more transparency would mean more freedom and scope for development, however we need strict laws to govern all such commercial space accesses too.


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