What’s the best strategy for configuring Google+ circles?

Here’s what I said a few days ago on Google+:

Finally figured out a method for the madness of adding people to Google+ circles…

Step 1: Add everyone I would share everything with anyway (aka: anyone who could follow me on Twitter) to an ‘Everyone’ circle.

Step 2: Curate ‘everyone circle’ into 2 smaller groups of contacts based on professional or personal relationships

What I ended up with:


While I was very pleased with my solution at the time, now that it’s been a few days and I’ve seen it in practice, I’m not so sure. So, I’d love to get the ‘wisdom of crowds’ take on this. And what better way to do that then by posting to Quora?

Hence:  What’s the best strategy for configuring Google+ circles?

Looking forward to some answers, which I will of course then share on Google+. I’m just not sure yet who I’ll be sharing them with. . .






2 thoughts on “What’s the best strategy for configuring Google+ circles?

  1. I’ve done something similar: I have added almost everyone into “Friends”. I also have a lot of random people following me so have not added them to any circle yet (perhaps I should add them to “Following”? I’m still thinking about that).

    My next step will be to set up circles on an as-needed basis. I don’t see the point in pre-sorting everyone unless I am going to make use of those circles.

    And I don’t want to second-guess why people are following me. If I share something, right now I either share it with all my friends, or with everyone.I like the idea of non-library folk seeing the library-related messages, and the non-law industry people see the law-related messages. Most of what I share is just of general interest anyway and would appeal to many people who follow me.


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