Foursquare In Los Angeles: Stats, Sports & Burgers, Oh My

This post was originally published on Lalawag.

A few weeks ago, the tech-o-sphere was all abuzz with the news that Foursquare officially surpassed the 10 million user mark. Foursquare even posted a  handy infographic to help visualize the location-based startup’s growth since its inception in 2009. And, that growth is incredibly impressive, to say the least.

So, in honor of the skyrocketing startup, here are a few other fun Foursquare facts that particularly pertain to those of us mayors, leaderboard-climbers and obsessive checker-in’ers who happen to call the city of angels home.

  • As of the week of May 25, 2,952 people had checked in to Dodgers games during the 2011 season. This put the Dodgers at #12 on the leaderboard of weekly MLB Foursquare checkin stats.
  • Over 17,000 people have checked into Dodgers stadium on Foursquare since the dawn of time…or at least the dawn of Foursquare. This makes Dodgers Stadium the #2 most popular venue in LA, according to
  • The Staples Center is the most popular Foursquare venue in Los Angeles, with over 37,000 checkins, also according to
  • The Feast crowned Umami Burger the 2nd most popular LA restaurant on Foursquare, with over 9K check-ins. Staples Center took the top spot on their list, although some hungry sports fans might be inclined to disagree with the characterization of Staples Center as a ‘restaurant.’
  • search for ‘Los Angeles, CA’ on Foursquare returns 50 venues and 50 tips. A search for Disneyland returns 44 venues.’
  • From Akasha in Culver City to the Viper Room in Hollywood, LA has at least thirty fantastic Foursquare deals on food and drinks that LA Weekly says are well worth checking in for.


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