Facebook Fan Pages Get 50 Million Likes A Day

TechCrunch just published a piece claiming that the Facebook Ad Sales Chief says there are  50 Million Likes Per Day For Pages. Apparently, Carolyn Everson made this proclamation at TechCrunch Disrupt and, to put it in context, those 50 million likes that Facebook pages are getting each day are out of a sea of a billion plus likes per day across the web.

Clearly, there’s great power in those numbers. But, what’s even more interesting is Everson’s quote that “we’re one percent done on our ad products.” If the current FB ad solutions are such a small percentage of their overall plan, one shudders to think about the possible usability and privacy consequences of whatever constitutes the other 99%.

But, if Facebook can find a way to avoid their past pitfalls and still roll out a significant number of new ad offerings, then maybe they can pave the way for a better balance of monetization and usability across the social web. Lord knows with numbers like the ones Everson announced, they’ve certainly got the platform and the resources to take on the challenge. Here’s hoping they use their great power with great responsibility.


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