Relay For Life 2011: Santa Monica

An Open Letter To All My Friends & Followers:

I am so proud to be the new chair of Relay For Life Santa Monica. I’ve been involved in Relay for over five years, and it is a cause that is very close to my heart.

 I’ve been watching people I love battle cancer since elementary school, when I lost a good friend to this devastating disease. Unfortunately, he was not the first or last person I watched fight cancer. In my experience, when faced with the diagnosis of a friend or loved one, the overwhelming sensation tends to be one of powerlessness. What I love about Relay is that it puts the power right back where it belongs — in the hands of the patients, caregivers, scientists and administrators of The American Cancer Society, who work tirelessly to take on cancer every day. There’s nothing more empowering than helping to equip those people in that fight. And, in my opinion, that makes Relay the ultimate way to pay tribute to them, and to the patients they serve.

 That’s why I Relay, and it’s why I’m so excited to help coordinate an incredible Relay in Santa Monica this year. It’s also why I hope you’ll join me in making this year’s Relay one of the best Santa Monica has ever seen.

 The official Relay date is July 16-17 2011, and we’re currently working with Santa Monica City College to try and return to their track for this year’s event. I know it’s a tight timeline, but I have full faith that with a little work and a lot of passion we can create an event to remember and raise tons of money to help support the incredible work ACS does every day.

 Whether you can give a lot of time or a little, help run a team or help coordinate on the committee, we want to hear from you. Below you’ll find a list of upcoming meeting dates, which we’ll flesh out with a venue and more details as they get closer. Please save those dates, and please start thinking about how you want to be involved in Relay. If you’d like to get involved in any capacity, please email me at or email Robert Harrison at You can also check out the Santa Monica Relay site here.

 I’m looking forward to working with many of you to coordinate a fantastic event this year, and I hope to start hearing from you soon.

 Thanks so much!

Mollie Vandor

Please Save These Upcoming Meeting Dates:

May 24th

June 7th

June 28th

July 12th


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