Stats Showcase The Top 10 Most Social Shows On TV

In terms of plot, characters and audience, Smallville couldn’t be further from House, but the two TV shows do share one very important attribute. They both rank on the list of the Top 10 Most Social Shows of 2010-2011. Based on checkins, Facebook likes and web-based comments, the list runs the gamut from major ratings hits like American Idol to more cult creations like Fringe and Castle. All in all, it’s a fascinating look at the programs that inspire the most web chatter on a regular basis.

But, even more fascinating for me was the additional information released about user behavior as part of the study.  According to Mashable “Twitter leads Facebook when it comes to engagement while a show is airing. Fifty percent of users said they tweet about the show they are watching, compared with only 35% who said they post to Facebook.”

This happens to be exactly in-line with my own behavior, and my gut says it speaks to Twitter’s relative immediacy and the perception of the Twitter stream as being more of a conversation, whereas Facebook feels more like a broadcast. Or, to put it in more  metaphorical terms, if the world wide web were an office, Twitter would be the world’s proverbial water cooler and Facebook would be the bulletin board behind it. And Steve Carell would probably still be running the show.


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