iPad App Design Case Study: The Washington Post

I’ve been deep in mobile site design for the past couple of months, building out the specs for a mobile optimized website and iPhone application at my new job.  And, since it’s a whole new world (cue the Disney album) for me, I’ve been spending a lot of time simply getting acquainted with the ecosystem.

In the course of that work, I stumbled on this fantastic fellow blogger Sarah Sampsel, who just so happens to be a designer who just so happened to work on the Washington Post’s iPad app. And, she also just so happens to have written a great post about getting her head around the whole thing at the start of the project. Even though it’s specific to an iPad app, I found a lot of great takeaways in her approach to the app use case in general, and I definitely think it’s worth a read if you too are trying to get your head around the brave new world of mobile optimized everything.

Plus, who doesn’t love The Washington Post? Well, except for Richard Nixon of course.  And I doubt he’s reading my blog (although if he is, he should know I loved him in Dick!)


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