What’s Next For Me

After close to three wonderful years at Ranker, it is very bittersweet for me to announce that next week will be my last week with the company, as I move on to a new job as Associate Product Manager at Cooking.com.

I was one of the first employees hired at Ranker, and I am very proud to say I’ve helped build it from the ground up into the powerful platform that it is today. Our Ranker team is full of people who are as passionate as they are capable, and what we’ve done with the site to date is truly a testament to the team’s vision and hard work. I’ve cherished the opportunity to work with them, and to grow as a person and product manager because of it. I cannot say enough how much I believe in the potential of Ranker, both as a company and as a product, and the decision to leave has been very hard because of that.

But, at the end of the day, the chance to work with a product that dovetails so nicely with my personal passion for food and cooking was one I couldn’t pass up. And, the opportunity to further my growth as a product manager under Cooking.com’s Sarah Cohen, whose career and credentials I so greatly admire, clinched it for me.

Next Monday marks the start of my last week at Ranker, and I’ve already begun transferring some of my roles and responsibilities to the rest of the team. If you have any inquiries, questions or comments about aspects of Ranker I may have worked with you on before, please feel free to email me and I’ll direct you to the right person to speak to now. The strength of the remaining team is just one of the many reasons I have full confidence that Ranker is going to continue its massive growth, and I’m excited to see how the product evolves going forward.

And, while I’m sad to leave, I’m also eagerly looking forward to assuming my new role at Cooking.com and joining another fantastic team there.  It’s been a great three years at Ranker, and I’m looking forward to cooking up an equally great future at my new job. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

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