Google Recipe Search: Find Recipes You Want, Skip Ingredients You Don’t

Yesterday, Mashable announced that Google Rolled Out New Search Tool for Recipes. Now, being a devout foodie, this was exciting to me. Being someone who recently started eating a primarily vegetarian diet, this was even more exciting to me. And, being someone who geeks out about the power and potential of the semantic, data-driven web, this was even more exciting to me.

Basically, the tool lets you search within a results set limited exclusively to recipes and filter your search by ingredients you do and don’t want to include as well as the time the recipe takes to prepare and the calories it contains. And, after a few test runs, I’m happy to report that it delivers on its promise, combining a lot of search power with an extremely simple, straightforward interface. In typical Google fashion, it’s there if you want it and won’t get in your way if you don’t.

But, if you get as excited as I do about the ability to easily search for low calorie, 30 minute or less tofu recipes that let you use up the last of last week’s broccoli purchase without having to buy oyster sauce, then you definitely want to check this tool out.

(And yes, there are indeed 8 recipes that fit that description. Thanks Google!)


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