Save Money, Save The World



What’s smart, efficient and good for the environment? You, if you sign up for Earth Aid — a new site that helps you make and keep an ‘energy budget’. Stay on budget, and you could earn rewards from companies like Dove and Starbucks.

Go over budget and…well, you know what happens when you exceed your credit limit? Imagine that happening to the environment. Yes, the environment will feel just as crappy as you feel when you spend too much on shoes and have to live off of rice and beans for a week as a result (what, like I’m the only one?)

Anyway, by far the coolest part of today’s Mashable article about Earth Aid (at least imho) is this: “But the app doesn’t just rely on outside funding. “We’ve been making money,” said Earth Aid CEO Ben Bixby. “We’re really serious about finding a sustainable way — not just environmentally but economically, to deliver these solutions and this opportunity to people.” Bixby explained that Earth Aid gets paid when it helps people save energy. It earns a commission when users choose certain rewards products or when the company’s partners get new customers through the app.”

Yup, that’s right. This company isn’t just doing social good for the sake of social good. They’re actually establishing a viable, sustainable business model around it. It’s a win-win-win-win — Earth Aid’s customers are winning, their partner companies are winning, the company’s bottom line is winning and the environment is winning. That’s a lot of win. And, a lot of very powerful precedent for a social good company to be setting.

More power to them!

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