Best Food Network Recipes Of 2010

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2010 was the year comfort food reigned, and soothing culinary classics filled the Food Network airwaves — not to mention the stomachs of many a satisfied viewer. With the cultural and culinary zeitgeist leaning heavily towards simplicity, artisan craftsmanship and soothing nostalgia, Food Network’s 2010 recipes tended to feature back-to-basics techniques and down-home dishes.

But, of course, this being 2010, there were also a few recipes more notable for their virality than anything else. For example, Sandra Lee’s Channukah Cake — a monstrous concoction of good intentions and hilariously bad execution, made momentarily famous in the blogosphere for how bad it was. Of course, no matter what the recipe, viewers tuned in to watch Food Network’s famous chefs in record numbers in 2010, making it even more popular than ever. And, making many a home cook — and their friends and families — very happy.

Check out my list of the best Food Network recipes of 2010 on for a full rundown of the year’s best recipe videos.

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