If Only I Were Flexible Enough To Properly Pat Myself On The Back. . .

Launching a website is, for the most part, a pretty thankless task. It’s stressful, exhausting and, at times, it can feel downright Sisyphean. Especially if you’re building a consumer-facing, user-generated content site that relies heavily on the notoriously finicky tastes of actual, well, users.Even when you’re succeeding, you’re still constantly thinking about how to make it better, easier, or more engaging. That relentless ambition and drive is part of why I love working at a startup. It’s also directly responsible for the fact that I have such big bags under my eyes, it’s amazing I don’t get charged extra fees for them when I fly.

Which is why it’s handy to take even the smallest moments to remind yourself that the massive behemoth you’ve been building brick-by-brick is actually getting used. And not just by all those little numbers that make up your analytics and your ad sales. But, by real, live, humans who really enjoy using it. And, even better, appreciate it.

All of which adds up to the big ol’ dose of kvell I felt when I saw Nerve.com’s list of the Best Internet Lists of 2010, with Ranker’s Douchiest John Mayer Quotes list sitting pretty at number one.  It may not be a Pulitzer, a Nobel or even a webby, but it’s certainly something to celebrate. It’s an awesome accolade from a great site, and it’s certainly an honor worthy of a little Monday afternoon back-patting for the entire Ranker team. After all, we did beat out the list of cute cats in sweaters. . .

2 thoughts on “If Only I Were Flexible Enough To Properly Pat Myself On The Back. . .

  1. Congratulations! I’m “reading” Ranker as my daily newspaper, best place to keep up with trends. I’m very proud of you for a great job starting up a tech winner…and your writing is terrific!


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