Things I Love Friday (post-T-Day Edition)

Once again, my TILT is a little bit late, but I hope you’ll forgive me for just now coming out of my tryptophan coma — and for keeping it a little shorter this time around, since I’m trying to get this post up before my dad makes me put my computer away to eat dinner (yes, more eating).

Anyway, this week I’m thankful for:

The incredible Annual Thanksgiving Dinner For People Without Home (as it’s casually called) — a regular event where my family joins up with a few other ones to put on a big meal for the local homeless, day laborers and a group of kids from the juvenile detention center in the hills near my parents’ house. This year, we fed 300+ people and it was as incredibly fun and gratifying as ever | I’m also very thankful for my adorable, amazing little brother for stepping up and taking his place as a lead organizer of the event this year. The family tradition continued very well with him! | Loving the Weight Watchers online tools + the incredible support I’ve been getting from everyone on Twitter, Facebook, etc. since I started this journey. Thanksgiving may have been a stupid week to start losing weight, but I’m 3lbs down already, so something must be working | Happy that the weather finally feels like fall. Love the excuse to bundle up and cuddle up | Thrilled to have finally jumped on the Google Voice bandwagon — it’s great to be able to make calls and send texts even though I’m deep in the cellular no man’s land that is Malibu | Looking forward to a great week of holiday-themed tech events – Digital Family Reunion, here I come!

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