Things I Love Thursday

Wow, can’t believe it’s Thursday again already. Part of that is probably my day working from home on Tuesday due to some awful 24 hour stomach thing. Thank god that’s over. Now, if we could just get past the residual weather-changing stuffiness I’m fighting, I’ll be all good to go into the weekend. And thank god we’re only one day away from that.

This week, I’m loving. . .

Grooveshark. Seriously, how did I not know this existed before? | Scarf and sweater weather. Love the chill in the air | Winter commercials coming back to the airwaves. I love all the Christmas and Thanksgiving ones, but the one that really gives me the warm fuzzies is the Mastercard one above. And yes, it has been known to make me tear up on occasion | This great New York Times piece about The Nutcracker’s history in America. Ever since I was a little girl making the yearly pilgrimage to see the Ventura County Ballet’s Nutcracker with my grandparents (whom I hold personally responsible for my love of theater, musicals, opera, ballet, etc.) Nutcracker has held a special place in my heart and this piece was a particularly fascinating sociological study of one of my favorite ballets | warm soup and bread on a cold fall night | finally having the willpower to get rid of all my leftover Halloween candy | Picking out recipes to make for our family’s Thanksgiving and the big Malibu Thanksgiving Dinner we help put on for those that can’t afford to have their own feast…I’m definitely feeling greens and squashes at the moment, so we’ll see what I end up cooking | The Cookbook Collector. I literally felt like crying when this amazing, intricately woven novel was finished. It was so good I never wanted it to end | Daily Worth, an amazing personal finance site for women that also sends approachable, engaging, informative emails about financial issues to your inbox every day. I can’t believe I actually find myself looking forward to a daily email about finances.

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