Things I Love Thursday

I’m deep in the middle of about a million things – more details to come shortly, I hope – so this week’s Things I Love Thursday will be short & sweet. Just like me (most of the time).

Having Halloween candy in the house | the awesome new interface, which is making it very easy to enjoy picking at that candy guilt-free |  Paying off one credit card in its entirety, and being just a few months away from being totally debt-free (so long college debt, I won’t miss you!) | The video for Tighten Up, by the Black Keys. Love them. See above for why | Daylight Savings this weekend, and a return to the winter schedule I love (although I am SO over this weird LA heat wave) | Hashable, which is one of the coolest Twitter apps I’ve seen in a while |  Having tickets for our next GIT LA event be completely sold out with more than 2 weeks to spare (don’t worry, you can still see the panel on our first ever livestream | Salt & vinegar PopChips. Noms | Planning to go to The Kings game Saturday night | Looking forward to a relaxing, recharging weekend.


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