Halloween Costumes: Mad Men Me

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. As an avowed theater nerd, the opportunity to play socially sanctioned dress-up all day was like manna from musical theater heaven. Throw in the free candy, and you’ve definitely got ‘best day of the year’ material. Of course, that was before I got to the age where all holidays just become giant pressure cookers of high expectations, competitive dressing and friend-wrangling so extreme I should probably have just dressed as a rodeo clown.

Honestly, after surviving the big to-do of UCSB’s Halloween festivities four years in a row and spending two years in the equally-insane streets of West Hollywood, I was pretty much ready to call it quits this year. Hole up with junk food and scary movies and leave the holiday to the happy hordes who would be much happier without me and my claustrophobic self trying to elbow my way through them.

Then I started thinking about costumes. For which I only have my Ranker’s massive collection of Halloween costume lists to blame. Could I really let the opportunity to get all dressed up pass me by? Of course not. Especially not when I’ve hit on this brilliant list of Mad Men costume suggestions, and the even more brilliant plan to make use of what my mama gave me and dress up as the inimitable Joan Holloway. Looks like I will be celebrating Halloween after all, if only to indulge my deep desire to flounce around in a cute dress with a pen around my neck.

That said, I’m really hoping to stick to just dressing as Joan this year and not as air traffic controller for all of my friends as well. Someone else can borrow that costume this time around. Me? I’ll be keeping it low key. Just a few friends, a cute costume and a full martini glass — to maintain the authenticity of my character, of course.


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