Things I Love Thursday

To be totally frank, I’m not exactly in a gracious and grateful mood today. My mental barometer is leaning more towards the stressed, drained and exhausted side of the spectrum. But, one of the reasons I decided to force myself to do a weekly roundup of things I love was exactly for this purpose — to force myself to appreciate all the blessings and bounty of my day to day (or week to week) life, even when I’m not feeling particularly appreciative.

So, here it is. . .

The amazing Irma Thomas, whose voice I just can’t get enough of (see case in point up above, and prepare to be converted) | This article in the New York Times, which makes me seriously miss crowding and cooking around the campfires of my summer camp days | Johnnie Walker Red and ginger, which I tried with Tyler at a scotch tasting last weekend and has now officially become my go-to drink order | Seeing the plans for our next Girls in Tech panel come together with the amazing Amanda Coolong, Lynn Langit, Tony Adam, Heather Meeker, Erin Kotecki Vest and Laura Weidman — an incredible lineup that we’re so lucky to have | The Cookbook Collector, which I’m finally getting around to reading on my kindle (aka: the kindle app on my iPhone) | Giving in to my OCD and going a little cleaning crazy earlier this week, resulting in finally getting rid of the funky smell in my kitchen once and for all (turns out it was coming from the recycling bin, which seems incongruous and not very fair karma-wise) | Finding out my cousin’s wife is pregnant with a brand new baby cousin, and getting an adorable pic of their soon-to-be-an-older-sibling son in my email earlier this week | Looking forward to finally having a low-key weekend where I will hopefully be able to kick back, relax, recharge and spend some time at dance class with Dianne and the pumpkin patch with Tyler — just what I need to get past the funk of the past few weeks


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