Things I Love Thursday: Mea Culpa Edition

Okay, so I know I haven’t posted a TILT in a while. My bad. I could give a litany of excuses about how swamped I’ve been, but suffice it to say, forgive me readers, for I have sinned. I’ll do 10 hail Scobles and try to do better going forward. There, now that we’re all sufficiently blogsolved (get it, like absolved, but for blogging), let’s get on with it…

Here’s what I’m loving this week:

 The fact that — after an admittedly lackluster wind-down last season — Glee is finally back to consistently producing the kinds of witty, heartwarming moments it does best | And, speaking of TV, I’m loving that the good TV is back on. There were only so many Top Chef reruns I could take this summer | Nikita. Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m loving it | So happy it finally feels like fall in LA. Bring on the sweater & scarf weather | Can’t get enough of the easter egg I just found on my iPhone 4 – can’t believe my iPhone guru @mayhemstudios didn’t bring this one to my attention earlier | Very excited for the upcoming Girls in Tech panel at Border Stylo here in Hollywood. We’ve got some of the biggest names in LA tech attending, and I can’t wait to make the official announcement next week | Whole wheat goldfish = my favorite snack in a form I can almost pretend is healthy | Anthony Bourdain’s latest book, which I’m currently reading on my Kindle for iPhone and loving every word of | The ability to rent TV shows on iTunes, which lets me grab last week’s Grey’s Anatomy to watch at the gym without paying full price for it | Pumpkin lattes & my planned trip to the pumpkin patch with @tyvick | My brand new netbook, which I am absolutely obsessed with. It fits in my purse! | Finally feeling the fresh-start of fall in earnest, and loving every productive, creative second of it.


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