Cooking & Code: Why What Happens In My Kitchen Is A Lot Like What Happens At My Office

Tonight, for the first time in a long time, I cooked. I mean, it’s not like I made beef borguignon – I just cooked up a pot of what I used to call ‘kitchen sink risotto’. Also known as ‘throw a bunch of ingredients that taste good together in a pot with brown rice, add some herbs and spices, simmer and top with parmesan.’

But, the point is, it reminded me of how much I love to come home and cook a meal, which is something I haven’t had as much time to do lately as I’d like. It also reminded me of how similar cooking is to the thing I do end up spending most of my time on lately — building a website.

In both cases, you’re throwing a bunch of stuff together and hoping it works. You’re taking a chance on an idea that makes sense in theory, but might end up a disaster in reality. You need the right tools, but everyone’s got an opinion about what those tools are. And, even if you’ve got them, there’s a pretty good chance they won’t always work exactly the way you want them to.

You may have some experience putting it all together, or a time tested formula to follow,  but that doesn’t guarantee it’ll work out perfectly this time. All your hard work can either result in something fantastic or create something fraught with issues. You may make a huge mess while you’re building it, but you pray it will be worth the cleanup. And the final product might not please everyone’s palate, but you hope it’ll end up pretty good regardless.

Long story short, cooking is an awful lot like building a website.  Although there doesn’t seem to be a debugging program for my paella recipe. And, I highly doubt someone could build an entire network around watching people code. Then again, that show would probably still be way more interesting than the last season of Top Chef.

One thought on “Cooking & Code: Why What Happens In My Kitchen Is A Lot Like What Happens At My Office

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