Los Angeles Heat Wave: It’s Getting Hot In Here. . .

Remember this photo from a few cycles back on ANTM? Appropriate, ain't it?You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Truer words were never spoken. Especially when you’re shvitzing your behind off in an office with a broken a/c in the middle of a massive LA heat wave. Right now, I’d probably take a bath in freon were the option presented to me. It is literally so hot that the fan on my desk is only adding insult to injury – it’s like moving the hot air of a convection oven around, which ain’t doing so much for my sweaty self.

It’s times like these that you really need to remind yourself how lucky you are. I may be miserable, but at least I’ve got plenty of water to drink – and an ample supply of Diet Pepsi to boot. I may be soaked in my own sweat, but at least I’m going home to a house with a roof (and blissfully, a working air conditioner) tonight. I may be having trouble focusing on my computer screen as the heat headache pounds out what sounds suspiciously like a Brazilian samba beat in my head, but at least I have my Twitter and Facebook friends to periodically distract me throughout the day. I may be literally slipping off my desk chair because of the sweat pooling under my skirt-clad thighs, but at least I’m losing weight from all this sweating…or at least, I sure hope I am. I may be stuck in a stuffy office with no a/c in the middle of a damn heat wave during what is supposed to be the first freakin’ month of fall, but when all is said and done, I’m still pretty darn lucky.

Now, would someone please pass the popsicles?


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