Things I Love Thursday

It’s Fashion Week, and in case you haven’t been following me on Twitter, you know I’m pretty much obsessed. I love the promise of a new season, the luxury of a whole week dedicated solely to the pursuit of dramatic design. Fashion week for those of us who can’t actually afford high fashion is a time to be inspired – at least in my opinion. Inspired by the fantasies of fashion designers, whose moods and motifs often reflect a greater sea change in society. Inspired by the glamour of an impossibly-proportioned goddess gliding down an impeccably lit runway. Inspired by the sheer fabulousness of the whole thing.

I’ve considered myself an aesthete since I was old enough to spell that word. Not in a haughty way. Just in the sense that one of my favorite pastimes is looking at pretty things – be it the hauntingly beautiful cinematography of Gregg Toland, the sleek modernism of Mies Van der Rohe or the gorgeous gowns of Galliano and McQueen. Fashion week is like taking what is usually a stylish snack – a glimpse at a design blog during lunch, a Saturday afternoon spent on the couch with my copy of Vogue – and making it into a week-long, multiple course feast. And I am loving every gluttonously glamorous second of it. Especially now that designers are starting to move past the gloom and doom of the last year, and we’re well beyond the tacky and trashy trends of the year before that. It’s finally feeling like fashion week is getting back to what fashion designers do best – showcasing beautiful clothes in a witty, intelligent way. And that’s why Fashion Week is the thing I’m loving most on this particular Thursday.

Some other tidbits I’m treasuring right now:

Lettuce wraps from PF Changs | the Baldessari exhibit at LACMA, which I saw last weekend and loved every second of | the current season of Mad Men, which just keeps getting better and better | planning panels and even more exciting stuff for Girls in Tech LA | the new blog, which I just finished designing a day or two ago |  Diet Dr. Pepper, because it really is as good as the commercials say it is | the fact that Jewish holidays two weeks in a row means lots of catching up with all the old family friends I never get to see | West Wing reruns while I’m getting dressed in the morning (thanks, Bravo!) | the smell of fall that’s in the air at night now | football season being back & giving me a great excuse to hit my favorite sports bars on a Saturday afternoon | my new, shorter haircut and the massive amounts of time it saves when I’m getting ready to go out | the vast collection of vintage blazers my mom gave me last week – they’re gorgeous and I can’t wait for cold weather so I can wear one every day | my dry cleaner, who charges like next to nothing and always does a fantastic job | my new blog & Twitter backgrounds | The Rachel Zoe Project – what can I say, I love her. And, I have to say, I relate quite a bit to her issues with career + personal life balance. Not to mention I covet pretty much everything in her closet | Having so many things to list here, I’m having to force myself to stop…after all, it’s the little things that make life livable. Well, the little things & the new collection from Michael Kors (love!)


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