Vogue.com Website Redesign: I’m Head Over Heels

I love the new Vogue.com. Seriously, love. It manages to be bright and bold, clean and catchy, strong but sleek – all of the things I love in a good design. It’s viscerally evocative of the emotion of high fashion – it’s got the sense of drama inherent in any great design, tempered by the tailoring of clean lines and clear layouts. It’s creative, but not chaotic. In short, I think it’s gorgeous.

And, even though I’m someone who will always love the luxury of sitting on a Sunday afternoon, slowly turning the actual pages of a fresh copy of Vogue, I have to admit that I’ve never been one for browsing their site. To me, Vogue is like a long bath or a face mask, a ritual I do to pamper myself with pretty pictures and interesting articles, not necessarily something I need to keep up with content-wise in the same way I keep up with the million other websites in my google reader, google alerts, Twitter and Facebook streams, regular lunchtime blog browsing, etc.

So, the fact that I am so head over heels (fashion pun intended) for this redesign actually says something. Because now, visiting Vogue online feels that much closer to the experience of turning those glossy pages in my monthly magazine. Which means I may start actually using the website – at least in the weeks between issues.

Dissecting the New Vogue.com: How One Magazine Did the Web Right.

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