Google Instant Search Gets Up & Running

In case you haven’t been on Google yet today (aka: in case you either live under a rock with no internet or you really got to sleep in this morning),  they rolled out a major change to their search functionality this morning with Google Instant Search.

Basically, it predicts what you’re searching for, and shows you these predicted results as you’re typing, rather than waiting for you to hit the ‘go’ button. Here at Ranker, we do something similar when people are searching our 6 million+ item database for things to rank, and I have to say it’s a pretty handy way to find stuff. Especially when you’re searching a field of data as massive as Google’s (or as Ranker’s, for that matter).

I also love that they demoed it at San Fran’s Museum of Modern Art – one of my favorite places in the bay, and a great illustration (pun totally intended) of the power of a well executed web search to hone in on the kinds of data-driven details that make pretty much every experience more enriching. After all, what would a great piece of art be without the context behind its creation? And what would watching TV be like if you couldn’t find out all the behind the scenes gossip you need to really appreciate the Real Housewives of DC (a highly underrated piece of art in and of itself, at least imho). Now you can find those deets, and find yourself wandering the web of related results a lot more quickly and easily, thanks to instant search.

So, bravo Google. So far, I’ve really enjoyed playing with instant search and I’m excited to see how it develops from here. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some more Salahi gossip to Google.


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