Fashion’s Night Out

We all know what it feels like – that awful sinking feeling that you’re underdressed, out of your element and in way over your head. You could be the most competent, confident career woman in the world, but when that feeling comes bubbling up from the pit of your stomach and the back of your head, you can’t help but crumble a little bit.

It seems antithetical, but to me, that’s the best illustration of the power of fashion. That feeling that can bring you to your proverbial knees. Because, of course, it goes the other way too. Few things can make you feel more powerful and in control than feeling like you’ve got the perfect, pulled together outfit going on.

And that’s why I so admire the work that Dress For Success does in outfitting low income women with the work wardrobes – and career skills – they need to succeed. And, it’s why I’m so proud that we will be helping to raise money for them as part of our Girls in Tech Fashion’s Night Out event at Saks Fifth Ave. on September 10.

I know I’ve written about this event here before, but I cannot stress enough how much good Dress For Success can do with the money we raise. So, if you’re going to buy any new clothes, shoes, beauty or accessories for fall, why not buy them with a 15% discount, knowing that five percent of the profits from your purchase are going directly to Dress For Success?

Plus, just for showing up at our big Fashion’s Night Out event on Friday, you’ll also get a swag bag with $300 worth of goodies from places like Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Blow LA, Sports Club LA, Physique 57, Showstoppers, Frosted Cupcakery, LA Magazine, and Bellacureous. Not to mention free wine and bites from Malibu Wines, makeovers and style seminars from Saks’ experts and much more.

A good cause, a goodie bag full of glam goods, good style advice and great food…not a bad way to spend a night. Or the $30 it costs for a ticket.

Get yours today here. I’ll see you there! (As soon as I can pick out the perfect outfit, of course).


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