Girls in Tech LA Presents: Fashion’s Night Out at Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills

This post originally appeared on the Girls in Tech blog.

We’ve all had those days. The days where you feel like no matter how many clothes are crammed into your closet, you still don’t own anything you actually want to get dressed in. Forget feeling fabulous. On days like that, it’s enough of an effort trying not to feel like a total fashion failure.  Which is, of course, the polar opposite of how fashion is supposed to make you feel.

Fashion is supposed to feel glamorous, exotic, inspiring. It’s supposed to take the everyday act of getting dressed and turn it into something bigger – the opportunity to outfit yourself in armor that expresses your personality and lets you take on the day with that special sort of swagger that only comes from feeling. .  .you guessed it – fabulous.

The fall 2010 fashion collections were about just that, featuring “conservative glamour, chic urban warriors, eccentric color combinations, and more” as Harper’s Bazaar put it.  In short, the prevailing theme for fall 2010 fashion seemed to be the powerful, professional woman, taking on her life – and her closet – one killer, creative look at a time.

It’s a theme that dovetails nicely with the upcoming Fashion’s Night Out event at Saks Fifth Avenue, presented by Girls in Tech LA. Five percent of proceeds from Saks’ sales that evening will go  to Dress For Success, “a non-profit organization that provides interview suits, confidence boosts, and career development to low-income women in over 75 cities worldwide.”  It’s truly an organization that helps women do good by helping them look and feel good. And it’s one we’re happy to help support.

The event itself will feature swag bugs stuffed with goodies, rock star makeovers, consults with stylists, cocktails and more.  Plus, there will also be giveaways from the brilliant fall collections by Elie Tahari and Pink Tartan.  Tahari’s travel-themed collection for fall was full of fur coats, casually elegant cardigans, military-inspired suiting and more. Pink Tartan also pulled together military-like precision and feminine details, creating a collection that was just the right balance of serious and sweet.

At Fashion’s Night Out, you can enter to win pieces from both designers on the fourth floor of the gorgeous Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills, while also swigging cocktails, swapping style tips and supporting Dress For Success. Getting the chance to finally solve the ‘I have nothing to wear’ problem while raising money for a great cause and also enjoying everything Fashion’s Night Out has to offer? I can’t think of a better way to get yourself feeling fabulous for fall.

What: Girls in Tech LA Presents Fashion’s Night Out

Where: Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills

When: September 10, 6-10pm

Register Here.


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