Things I Love Thursday…er, Saturday

Yeah, I know. I missed TILT again this week. Blame the craziness of trying to get the next Girls in Tech event – a fab fashion-themed party at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills – off the ground, combined with the chaos of trying to wrap up the work week so I could leave early for Vegas. And by the way, this is my first vacation in 2 years and I’m currently sitting in a hotel room with two of my best and most favoritest girlfriends in a gorgeous suite on the strip, so that is of course my number one favorite thing I love this week.

A quick recap of a few other things I’m loving at the moment: full-fat cheez-its, having an excuse to bust out all the too-short dresses and too-high-heels that have been shelved since the last time I went all out in Vegas, finding out that vodka soda has zero calories, my new social media addiction – foodspotting, working on a very exciting series of new articles for Mashable, my amazing and accomplished friends who continually inspire me just by doing what they do so well – congrats to Christine Kirk for landing yet another amazing client: Buzz Media, intentionally annoying my anal retentive grammar guru of a best friend by mangling the English language on purpose, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which I finally started reading and am just now getting into, the long luxurious bath I got to take before everyone else woke up this morning, putting my laptop away for the next 24 hours to really enjoy some R&R in Vegas.

Have a great weekend everyone!

One thought on “Things I Love Thursday…er, Saturday

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