Food Network Chefs – The Game Shows They Should Be Making

I originally published this post on Food Network Humor.

Thanks to the success of frosty-haired Food Network host Guy Fieri’s gameshow masterpiece Minute To Win It, TV execs everywhere are bound to be looking for new ways to use our favorite Food Network hosts on all sorts of prime time game shows. Here are a few of the best ideas so far:

Bros Icing Bros, hosted By Sandra Lee
America’s favorite alcoholic semi-homemaker hosts the TV version of this popular internet meme, and helps contestants design snazzy, dollar-store tablescapes in which to hide bottles of Smirnoff Ice from their friends, who are then forced to actually drink the stuff when they unwittingly stumble on it during dinner. Of course, the hardest part of the game is keeping Sandra from drinking all the booze before it even starts.

Are You Smarter Than Alton Brown?
Lovable food geek Alton Brown hosts this quiz show, where participants try to prove they can beat him at food trivia. When they inevitably lose, he forces them to put on a chicken suit and appear in one of those skits on Good Eats.

The Butteriest Loser, With Paula Deen
Paula Deen mentors fifty underweight contestants from across the country, as they embark on a journey to gain weight. Eating nothing but butter, bacon and foods dipped directly in Crisco, the contestants discover what it really means to win big, as they lose their waistlines and gain the kind of self confidence that can only come from seeings busts of themselves rendered entirely in butter.

The Marriage Ref, Hosted By Rachael Ray & John Cusimano
What? You thought this was a game show? Nope, it’s just couples counseling. Because the only way John could get Rachael to see a therapist was to allow her to turn it into another TV show.

The Bachelor: Brian Boitano Edition
Brian Boitano cooks up a love match when twenty women try to woo the figure skating foodie over the course of six weeks. Challenges include seeing who can create the most dishes using the words ‘nuts’ and ‘balls’, testing who can bust out the best 1992-themed dance moves and seeing who can come up with the best costume for the San Francisco pride parade.

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