Tech Toys: Geeky Toys For Growing Minds

Back when I was a kid, the baby alive was the height of toy technology. It cried, it ate, it even peed. Because for some reason, changing my little brothers’ actual diapers apparently wasn’t enough excrement-filled playtime for me.

I was like the Angelina Jolie of baby alive, by the way. I had my own little multiracial clan that I carted everywhere with me, along with a giant diaper bag to hold all the accessories and accoutrements a small family of lifelike babies could possibly need.

Of course, times have changed. And kids now have all sorts of cool new toy options that I couldn’t have dreamed of when I was still diapering and feeding my baby alive, or listening to my Cricket doll read aloud from the tape (yes, tape) machine in her back.

Today’s growing geeks have options that they can plug in, stream data from, download music on to and surf the internet with. When it comes to toys, it’s a brave new world. And one that makes me totally jealous that I had to go and grow up before all this cool stuff came on the market.

Good thing I can live vicariously through today’s mashable slideshow of awesome tech toys for kids. Or just look back fondly on the good times of my own geeky childhood with the new Oregon Trail Movie Trailer. Because kids today may have some awesome toys to choose from, but do they know when to ford the river and when to pay someone to guide you across? Maybe my childhood playtime was good for something after all. ..

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