Things I Love Thursday

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another TILT (see how nicely that fits into an acronym?) Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. . .

Red velvet cupcakes – specifically the ones Dianne made for me on my birthday. And especially the one in the middle of the picture that she dubbed the Mollie cupcake, thanks to the gravity-defying ratio of cream cheese frosting + sprinkles to actual cake | MC Solaar radio on Pandora | The fact that the In2Books program is starting back up again for the new school year, and the anticipation of meeting my new pen-pal. If you haven’t checked out this great program, where you write back and forth with a kid in an underserved school about the books they’re reading in class, then you definitely should. It’s incredibly fun and fulfilling and only takes 15 minutes a month, if that. Also, it’s just plain good karma | The new season of Mad Men, especially Peggy’s new balls and Joan’s much-deserved new office | Viktor & Rolfe Flowerbomb perfume, because it smells like heaven and there’s a brand new bottle currently en route to me courtesy of Amazon | Looking forward to the Vegas trip that materialized out of thin air yesterday, and to spending some much needed downtime with two of my best girlfriends | Also looking forward to my little brother’s Bar Mitzvah, which is a little over a week away | Enjoying the fact that my other brother is back, safe and sound, from his dig in Egypt | Finding out from the dermatologist that my skin is all clear, and basking in the self-righteous glow that comes from going to the doctor for annual skin cancer checks and feeling awesome for being so darn proactive about that stuff | Double clicking the home button on my new iPhone and realizing that it makes multitasking even easier (thanks Calvin) | The newly restored full-length version of Metropolis I saw at Cinefamily last night. If you get a chance, it’s definitely worth checking it out at their August screening. It lends a whole new light to an amazing, classic masterpiece of a movie.

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