Calling All Tech Nerds. . .

So, I have this amazing job at a startup website where I get to help create new, exciting features using our massive database and our drag-and-drop listmaking interface. And when I say amazing, I mean ‘it’s sucked up my whole life for the past 2 years but I still love it because of the cool stuff I get to help build.’

And speaking of cool stuff, this week, we officially launched our coolest feature to date – Community Lists. Community Lists are lists anyone can contribute to. All contributions to these lists are aggregated together, to create a real-time ranking that reflects the collective opinion of the entire community. In short, they’re pretty freakin’ awesome.

We’ve got a bunch of great tech lists open for voting now. So this is your official cue to stop reading this blog, click on one of the links below and get ranking already!

Essential Software/Apps We Can’t Live Without

The Best Tech/Social Media Bloggers On The Web

Companies With The Worst Customer Service

The Most Retweetable People On Twitter

The Most Innovative Software Developers In The World


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