Things I Love Thursday…Belatedly

I know, I know. I just started doing Things I Love Thursday last week and I’m already falling behind on them. But, I so enjoyed doing it last week and I so want to keep on doing it that I’m just going to do yesterday’s today. Better late than never, right?

So close your eyes, pretend it’s Thursday and then open them and read this week’s edition of Things I Love Thursday…belatedly.

The gorgeous clouds that keep rolling by my office in the evenings | My oh-so-fabulous new Twittabling necklace, which says @mollierosev in shiny silver and is officially the coolest techcessory since indestructible bracelets | The best friend who bought me my oh-so-fabulous Twittabling necklace as an early birthday present | Finally having some warm, sunny, summer weather in LA | The fact that my little brother is home, safe and sound, after his month in Egypt | The mani/pedi at Happy Nails, and particularly the way the hot lotion treatment seems to absolve all stiletto sins I may have committed against my feet during the week | Trader Joe’s Hawaiian Style Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips…salty, sour and a little sweet make for the perfect snack as far as I’m concerned | cold Sam Adams Light on a hot, hot day | The True Blood books – trashier (jn a good way), sexier, funnier and (dare I say, better) than the show & that says a lot coming from an avowed fan of all things Alexander Skarsgard | Artichokes – pretty much everything is better when artichokes are involved  | The fact that my Relay For Life team walked the entire 24 hours without fail, making us one of the few teams to pull it off & proving once again how truly awesome my friends are | Passion Pit radio on Pandora | Gluten Free Girl – between the mouthwatering photos and the breathtaking writing, this is one of my favorite food blogs on the web…and I’m not even gluten free | Finally having Community Lists live on Ranker & watching them grow as people come together to collectively rank everything from the best beers to the most life-changing books of all time. Yeah, that was shamelessly self-promotional, but I gotta say, few things this week have come close to being as cool as the amazing feeling that comes from finally seeing a product you poured your heart and soul into being used – and enjoyed – by real, live people.


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