USB Wedding Ring: Geekdorable

The USB drive – a symbol of security, portability and the kind of comfort you can only get from knowing that even if the whole world comes crashing down on you, you can still restore your most important files.  It’s actually a pretty apt metaphor for what you (or at least, I) would want out of a marriage. Which is why it warmed my little geek heart to see that someone actually gave their husband this USB drive ring to seal their wedding vows with.

According to Mashable, the geektastic groom is none other than a Software Development Engineer for Microsoft Game Studios. And, the ring is engraved with “For A Lifetime Of Memories”, to reference the USB drive’s storage capabilities. So, even though the drive doesn’t actually work when it comes to holding your files, it does totally work as a symbol of the love between a woman and her geek.

All together now. . . .


3 thoughts on “USB Wedding Ring: Geekdorable

  1. LOL What are these rings going to look like to the grand kids of people that will wear them “until death do them part”? They are as ridiculous as a BetaMax video cassette necklace :))

  2. Thanks Mollie for the sweet article. I truly am lucky to have Jessi! 🙂

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