Things I Love Thursday

In the grand tradition of the internets, I’m totally cribbing a great idea from someone else and starting my very own ‘things I love Thursday’ – inspired by the weekly roundup from one of my favorite blogs, Sarah Townsend-Smith’s The One In Pink. Every week, Sarah lists her favorite things of the moment, and every week, I find something interesting and inspiring on her list. Here’s hoping mine can do the concept justice…

Jolene Radio on Pandora: I harbor a secret obsession for all things country, particularly the really bluesy old-school stuff. And, Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. Blame it on my Brooklyn-raised dad’s inexplicable love for all things Charlie Daniels. Anyway, this station has some great stuff from Patsy Cline, The Band, Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels, Hank Williams and – of course – the inimitable miss Dolly. It’s great music to work to. Even if it does make me crave a cold beer and a hot cowboy something fierce.

Apartment Therapy: There are two types of internet porn that I can’t get enough of. Food blogs and decorating sites. Even though I have a serious lack of the space – and savings – required to properly put any of the decorating inspirations I find online into my actual apartment at this point, I still love to look. It’s part voyeurism, part appreciation for the unique aesthetics of designing something that’s both functional and deeply personal. I’ve always been a design buff, but as I get older, I find myself more and more inspired by the domestic – shiny appliances, creative couches, daring decor, etc. Apartment Therapy satisfies both my voyeuristic eye and my aesthetic one. It’s chock full of unique house tours, cool furniture finds and creative tips — some of which even I, with my shoebox of an apartment, can use.

Words With Friends: I’m a huge Scrabble nerd. My family and I play every time we get together, and we take it incredibly seriously. Well, my dad and I do. Everyone else kind of just rolls their eyes and puts up with us. But, as far as I’m concerned, Scrabble is pretty much the best pastime ever invented. There are few things that top the feeling of laying down that perfect 82-point, game-winning word (it was blizzard, by the way) — at least in my humble opinion. That’s why I’m obsessed with Words With Friends – an iPhone app that lets you play ongoing Scrabble games with your friends. While I was waiting in line to grab my lunch today, I laid down an 81-pointer that brought me back from the brink of defeat and brought the badassness of my lunch hour up by at least 81%.

And a few more. . .The smell of a foggy morning and how it reminds me of June gloom by the beach in Malibu | Packing up all the magazines I haven’t had time to read so I can finally get to them during Relay For Life this weekend | Jalapeno & asiago bagels with feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, olive oil and oregano from the coffee shop downstairs | The grill that my neighbor just rehabbed and the fact that when he cooks in front of my apartment, the whole place smells like summer | Having an air purifier to get rid of the grill smell when I’m tired of it | Pretty much everything about my iPhone 4 | Color coordinating my closet (yeah, I’m an anal retentive freak) | Being proud of being an anal retentive freak | Making plans with the new friends I made while waiting in line for my new iPhone | Thursday evening hikes with one of my best childhood friends | This whole Things I Love Thursday concept & having a chance to remind myself of all the little things that I have to be happy about every week.

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