Relay For Life 2010: Why I Relay & Why You Should Care

This post was originally printed on my Relay For Life profile.

Relay For Life is very personal for me. I started doing it a few years ago, after literally watching the life of yet another person I loved be cut short by cancer.

That’s why I relay. In honor of the friend who died of brain cancer when we were just kids, the loved ones who passed away from diseases they didn’t deserve, the family friends who lost a father far too soon.

There are few things in the world that can you make feel more powerless than watching someone fight for their life against the very cells that are supposed to sustain them. Especially if that someone is someone you love.

But, if relay has taught me anything, it’s that people aren’t powerless against cancer. From survivors to scientists, there are people fighting back against cancer every day, and the American Cancer Society helps give those people the power to keep kicking cancer’s butt.

Won’t you help me raise money to support them?


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