Relay For Life 2010: Why I Relay & Why You Should Care

This post was originally printed on my Relay For Life profile.

Relay For Life is very personal for me. I started doing it a few years ago, after literally watching the life of yet another person I loved be cut short by cancer.

That’s why I relay. In honor of the friend who died of brain cancer when we were just kids, the loved ones who passed away from diseases they didn’t deserve, the family friends who lost a father far too soon.

There are few things in the world that can you make feel more powerless than watching someone fight for their life against the very cells that are supposed to sustain them. Especially if that someone is someone you love.

But, if relay has taught me anything, it’s that people aren’t powerless against cancer. From survivors to scientists, there are people fighting back against cancer every day, and the American Cancer Society helps give those people the power to keep kicking cancer’s butt.

Won’t you help me raise money to support them?

Independence Day Speeches: Binary Translations Of Famous Patriotic Quotes

Just in time for Independence Day, Mashable just posted about a site full of  Patriotic Quotations in Binary, thereby combining two of my great loves – history and unabashed geekery. Well, actually, my love of history is pretty unabashedly geeky already.

So I guess the fact that this tickled me pinker than Ben Franklin’s lily-white behind at a 4th of July BBQ just makes me an uber-geek. Which is fine by me.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go try to translate one of my personal favorite patriotic speeches into javascript.  010010100010111101001011.

The Most Dangerous Game

Sunday afternoon scrabble – a ruthless competition in which we all pretend to love each other while secretly scheming to destroy each other faster than you can say “pass me the tiles.”

I love my family traditions. Almost as much as I love the amazing camera on my brand new iPhone. Both of which I’d happily trade right now for a letter that isn’t a damn vowel.

Girls in Tech LA: Summer Mixer 2010

Join GIT LA on the roof at the gorgeous Hotel Erwin in Venice for sunset cocktails, networking and more.

Enjoy $5 GITinis and an amazing rooftop view of west LA while mixing and mingling with some of LA’s best and brightest. Check in with your favorite GIT LA friends, meet some of our new members and celebrate summer with a great crowd of men and women from all sectors of the social media, tech, entertainment and business scenes in LA.

Space is limited, so RSVP early at guarantee your spot. The mixer starts at 7pm and goes until around 11. Hope to see you there!

-originally posted on the Girls in Tech blog

Unicorns – The Other White Meat (Or Not)

According to the New York Times, the National Pork Board has officially sent ThinkGeek a cease and desist letter, asking them to stop using the phrase ‘the new white meat’ when promoting their Unicorn Meat product. A product, by the way, that is about as real as the My Little Pony I used to turn into as a child – or at least, thought I was turning into.

Turns out, subjecting a toilet paper tube to a hurricane of glitter glue, putting it on your head and calling it a horn does not a unicorn make. And apparently, much to the surprise of the National Pork Board, ThinkGeek doesn’t actually make – or sell – unicorn meat either. Which means the National Pork Board really doesn’t have to worry about anyone horning in on its business any time soon.


And by the way, since we’re talking about unicorns, I can’t resist including a clip from my favorite childhood movie of all time. . .

Augmented Reality Ice Cream Machine: I Smile, You Smile, We All Smile For Free Ice Cream

Apparently, there’s an augmented reality ice cream machine making the rounds at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival that uses augmented reality to dress up pics it takes of would-be sweet-treat-seekers and then sends those pics directly to your Facebook account. Once you’ve let it capture your likeness and outfit it with a mustache, silly hat, etc., it gives you the free treat of your choice.

I can’t decide if this is the coolest thing ever, or the first step in a sinister plot in which the machines try to enslave humans via our sweet tooths and our love for free stuff and silly hats.

5 Reasons The Lakers Have To Win Tonight

Just posted this up on Ranker. Figured I’d share here too. Take a read, and then take a deep breath and say it with me. . .


There, now that it’s out of our system, enjoy the game tonight. Oh, and #GoLakers!

iPhone 4 Pre-Order Starts Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, you can pre-order the iPhone 4 at Apple, ATT & Best Buy stores, and online. The phone itself doesn’t come out until June 24, but if you’ve been fiending for an upgrade like myself, then this at least gets you one step closer to the sweet, slim, super-high-definition little slice of gadget geek heaven Apple is promising with its latest smartphone model.

Of course, if you live in the LA area and are planning to pre-order from the Apple Store at The Grove, I highly recommend waiting until I get mine first. Otherwise, I may have to fight you for it. . .

BP Oil Spills All Over Google Search Results

Today, Mashable announced that BP Bought the Top Google Result for “Oil Spill”, and is now directing curious searchers to their BP Cares page, where they list all the things they’re doing to help alleviate the massive destruction they’ve caused in the gulf.

Now, I know that the cost and effort involved in buying sponsored links on google results is a drop in the proverbial oil bucket, but still, with the oil still flowing, this is what they chose to focus their time and money on?

If BP really cared, they’d stop worrying so much about their image and focus on stopping the leak already. Then again, they did give @BPCares a lot of new ammo to Tweet about. So I guess there is a silver lining to every oil cloud. . .

Donate To The American Cancer Society & Enter To Win Dreamweaver 5 Course With Guru Joseph Lowery

This post was originally published on the Girls in Tech site:

When it comes to cancer, I think Twitter says it best – #cancersucks.

Personally, having lost many close friends and family members to this terrible disease, I’ve seen firsthand how devastating the fight against cancer can be, both for the patients and for their loved ones. But I’ve also seen firsthand how hard those patients and their loved ones – as well as the doctors, nurses and caregivers who provide for them – work every day to kick cancer’s butt.

It’s those people that inspire me to set aside 24 hours every year to do Relay For Life – an incredible fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  During relay, teams of people commit to having at least on person from their team walking or running around a track for an entire 24 hour period. It’s a symbol of the commitment to fighting cancer, and a tribute to the tenacity of all those who face that fight every day, and it’s a truly inspiring experience.

This year, I’m participating in the July 10 relay in Santa Monica, California. And, I’m happy to announce that not only am I asking for your support, but, thanks to Girls in Tech LA and eSync Training, I’m able to offer a pretty awesome raffle prize to donors as well.
eSyncTraining is the industry leader in web technology training and certifications, delivered in a highly engaging and convenientinstructor-led, live online learning experience. The Advanced eSyncTraining process supports any learning pace, schedule, or RIA development goal, offering its students an unmatched depth and experience in live web-based instruction and expertise across all major web development software platforms, including Flex, ColdFusion, Flash, Java, and ActionScript, as well as Adobe’s suite of design tools. The award-winning team at eSyncTraining draws on years of experience in both online and offline technology training, as well as significant real world development experience by its instructors.

Next week, eSyncTraining will be offering a course in Dreamweaver CS5 Fundamentals, which will provide web  designers with the knowledge and hands-on practice  they need to build and manage professional websites  using Dreamweaver. The course will be taught by Joseph Lowery, author of the Dreamweaver CS5 Bible, and you can read all about it here.

We are happy to be offering the opportunity to win a free spot in the course – an $1195 value – to everyone who donates $20 or more to our Relay team between now and midnight (PST) on Friday June 11. To donate, just click on the ‘donate’ button here, and be sure to mention our incredible sponsors eSyncTraining and Girls in Tech LA in the message that accompanies your donation. We’ll be picking the winner in a random drawing of all eligible donors on June 12.

With your help, I believe we really can kick cancer’s you-know-what. Because #cancersucks. And it totally deserves a good butt-kicking.