Tumblr Time: Like Hammer Time, But With Slightly Less Baggy Pants & Waaay Better Content

So, I’ve decided to officially start taking my Tumblr more seriously. Now I know that means nothing to about 90% of the world, but for the people that care, this means I’ll actually be posting new, unique content on my own little slice of the Tumbleverse pretty frequently. Because blogging and tweeting and facebooking and stumbling and redditing and deliciousing and ranking just weren’t enough for me.

And I say that only half jokingly. You’d be surprised at the number of interesting links, inspiring photos and creative content I run across in a given day at my desk. I know I always am. And it turns out, that even with all of my existing social media platforms, I still don’t have enough space in my various streams to share them all. And so, a Tumblr is born. Check it out, let me know what you think and of course, follow me. Because all this posting and sharing don’t mean a thing unless I can feed my ego with some new followers. And I say that only half jokingly. . .


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