Tumblr Time: Like Hammer Time, But With Slightly Less Baggy Pants & Waaay Better Content

So, I’ve decided to officially start taking my Tumblr more seriously. Now I know that means nothing to about 90% of the world, but for the people that care, this means I’ll actually be posting new, unique content on my own little slice of the Tumbleverse pretty frequently. Because blogging and tweeting and facebooking and stumbling and redditing and deliciousing and ranking just weren’t enough for me.

And I say that only half jokingly. You’d be surprised at the number of interesting links, inspiring photos and creative content I run across in a given day at my desk. I know I always am. And it turns out, that even with all of my existing social media platforms, I still don’t have enough space in my various streams to share them all. And so, a Tumblr is born. Check it out, let me know what you think and of course, follow me. Because all this posting and sharing don’t mean a thing unless I can feed my ego with some new followers. And I say that only half jokingly. . .

iPad Compatible Clothes: The LBD Gets An Upgrade

Forget diamonds. The perfect little black dress really is a girl’s best friend. Well, except for the perfect little laptop that is most geek girls’ true bff.

Fortunately for us gadget-loving fashionistas, Mashable has found iClothing, a company that makes fashion-forward frocks with iPad-sized pockets. And, if the lbd is a little too fancy for you, there’s also the unisex iTee, which takes the stretchy white t-shirt beloved by hipsters everywhere and turns it into a sartorial statement guaranteed to make any Apple fanboy (or girl) proud.

Now, all I need to be tech savvy and style savvy at the same time is a good pair of heels and a pair of ironic Ray Bans. Oh yeah, and an iPad. . .

Top Chef Tour: Top Chef Contestants Demo Cooking, Recipes & The Kind Of Banter You Can Normally Only Hear On Bravo

Did you know that there’s a Top Chef tour? And, that this 21-city cheftestant trek boasts free admission, cooking demos and a big orange truck? No? Neither did I. Until now, of course. Thanks to Serious Eats, I now know all about the most epic epicurean event on four wheels.

According to Bravo, “At every tour stop, not only will you get to see the chefs in person (and see what they’re REALLY like!), and sample their food, but you’ll also be able to play fun Top Chef games, win prizes, get chef’testant autographs, and take your photo at the Judges Table!”

Having actually been a taster on an episode of Top Chef Masters, I can promise you that meeting the chefs in person is definitely just as much of a foodiegasm as you think it will be. Throw in some prizes and the possibility of posing in front of the judges table, and you’d be a fool not to go. Especially since it’s free. Which is a word that any of us who willingly spend half a paycheck on gourmet goodies from the nearest organic olive oil importer should really appreciate.

And no, Bravo did not pay me to plug them. Although, if anyone wants to hook me up with advanced registration for myself and my Richard-Blais-worshipping little brother, I would be on it faster than you can say liquid nitrogen. . .

Google TV Facts: Hardware, Bandwidth & More (Price Not Included)

Mashable just posted this roundup of the key facts about the newly unveiled Google TV system.

Long story short, you can either buy a Sony TV set that includes the service – which will let you browse web video content as a seamlessly integrated part of your TV-viewing experience – or buy external hardware and hook it up via HDMI. Nobody knows how much it will cost yet, but consumers in the US can start buying the system in fall 2010.

There will be an API in 2011, although developers can start working on some projects today. And, the whole thing will run on Android & Chrome, and allegedly be usable with 3MB/s connections and up.

Which only leaves one outstanding question . . .who wants to buy me a Google TV for my birthday?

Augmented Reality Cookies: Recipe For Geektasticness

Cooking & computers are two of my favorite things in the world. Cooking, computers & cookies are three of my favorite things in the world.

S0 it makes sense that this video of augmented reality cookies, created by RISD student Mike Clare is my favorite web find of the day. And, Clare has even been kind enough to post a ‘recipe‘ on his website. Guess what I’m doing this weekend?

Online Bank: Deposit Checks, Make Withdrawals & See Which IRA Your Friends Liked?

There couldn’t have been a better time for me to hear the news that Twitter API guru Alex Payne is leaving the little blue bird to join social media banking startup BankSimple. Yes, you read that right. A social media banking startup. Mom, you might want to stop reading right now. You’re not going to like what comes next, and I’m really not in the mood for a lecture on privacy and identity theft tonight.

According to today’s article in ReadWriteWeb, the startup actually sounds pretty cool. “Imagine a Web-based bank that lets you deposit checks by simply photographing them with its mobile app. It lets you make cash withdrawals from ATMs all over the country at no cost, sometimes even reimbursing you for fees you get charged by other companies. As a social Web application, the bank offers you all kinds of recommendations and value-added services based on analyzing your private data.”

So why was today such an opportune time for me to read this seemingly innocuous piece of social web news? Well, because on Friday I got notice from my bank that – for the third time this year – my debit card had been used for an absurdly ludicrous purchase by some douchebag in Texas who apparently decided they were so desperate to spend $400 at Wal Mart that they had to steal the money from me to do so.

You’d think that since this keeps happening to me, I’d be so over online banking it’s not even funny. After all, the amount of times this happens per a year has increased exponentially since I started banking – and shopping – online. But, no matter how annoying dealing with debit card theft has been (and trust me, with my bank’s hold music, it’s plenty annoying), it’s still not enough to make me wanna quit doing everything on the interwebs. And, in fact, I’m really excited to see what happens with BankSimple, and other ideas like it.

After all, even though the hold music makes me crazy, and I truly loathe having to trek down to the nearest bank branch before 2pm on a Saturday afternoon (why do banks insist on only being open when working people are actually, um…working?), the amount of time and energy I spend dealing with these debit card frauds is still only a fraction of the time online banking/shopping saves me. And, I may not be an accounting whiz, but I do know that’s one cost-benefit ratio that really adds up.

Do I need to also see my friends’ socially shared savings accounts? Probably not. Do I think that the guy behind Twitter’s groundbreaking developer ecosystem probably has at least a few other nifty tricks up his sleeve when it comes to this new startup? Definitely. And do I look forward to the day when I can do all my banking from the comfort of my couch (or wherever my handy iPhone happens to be)? Absolutely. Although, on behalf of potential customers everywhere, I do ask that Payne and his BankSimple cohorts seriously consider their hold music before launching. #JustSaying

How To Network: Online & Offline


This post was initially published on Mashable. You can read the whole thing here:

If you work on the web, chances are a good chunk of your day is devoted to developing relationships online. You talk to people on TwitterTwitter, follow them onFoursquareFoursquare, share photos with them on FacebookFacebook, swap music on MySpaceMySpace and let them know what you’re working on via LinkedInLinkedIn. Of course, contrary to the stereotype, that doesn’t mean we techies spend every day in keyboard-covered caves.

In fact, from conferences to networking events, there are plenty of opportunities to turn those online connections into real world relationships. The web can actually make maintaining all those real world relationships even easier, especially if you know how to optimize your networking – both online and offline. Luckily for the would-be social media social butterfly, there are a few simple tips that can help you do just that…more

The Semantic Web: 3.0 & Counting

What is the semantic web, you ask? Well kiddies, it’s the fancy shmancy term for all the cool data that makes your favorite online features – like Facebook Connect, blogging from a bookmarklet (I do love me some Press This) and finding related topics on Wikipedia – work. And, more precisely, it’s the fancy shmancy term for all the relationships between that data.

Still don’t get it? Never fear, Mashable is here. Check out this great video explanation they found from grad student Kate Ray, featuring some of the rock stars of what is commonly known as “Web 3.0”.



Sleeping Too Much Worse Than Sleeping Too Little: Science News I Can Actually Use

According to an article on Gawker today,  there’s a new study out that says sleeping for more than nine hours a night makes you 30% more likely to die before you reach 65. Sleeping less than six hours a night only makes you 12% more likely to die prematurely.

Put on a fresh pot of coffee, and start cuing up the Tivo – my insomnia has finally been validated by science. Thanks, science.