Hugo Chavez On Twitter: Here’s To The Proletwitteriat

I’m following a new person on Twitter. He’s got a pretty red background, a pretty standard profile pic and a couple of Tweets already under his belt. Oh, and did I mention, he’s the self-proclaimed socialist leader of Venezuela?

That’s right, Hugo Chavez has officially joined Twitter. And now he’s working on getting Fidel Castro on the blue bird’s bandwagon too.

Personally, I’m a big fan of politicians using social media to communicate directly with their constituents.  Whether you’re a socialist, capitalist, communist, anti-imperialist, or any other ‘ist’, the more transparent you can be with your communications, the better it is for everyone.

Plus, if the simple fact that two countries have a McDonald’s is enough to keep them from warring with each other, doesn’t it stand to reason that sharing social web presences could keep politicians on the same page in the same way?

After all, how could you go to war against someone who Follow Fridays you?


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