Fruits Of My Labor

This afternoon, I planted a small kitchen herb garden and sowed the seeds of my very own personal strawberry plant.

It took me about fifteen minutes to prep the soil, sow the seeds and set the finished pots up on my little apartment porch. It took me another ten minutes to clean up. All in all, the whole endeavor took less than half an hour – and would have gone even quicker if I hadn’t somehow managed to spill potting soil all over my white carpet.

I know I’m usually a big proponent of technology and machine-made innovation. But, when it comes to my food, the only technology I want involved is the innovation that created the vaccuum that restored my carpet back to a practically-sparkling white after the great soil spill of 2010.

Which is to say, I cannot wait to enjoy the organic, homegrown, potted-by-hand fruits – and herbs – of today’s labor. It was even worth messing up my manicure for. After all, my nails can be repainted. My body, and the bodies of the friends and family I plan on feeding fresh chives, thyme, basil, parsley, cilantro and strawberries to…well, we only have one shot at taking good care of those.

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