Girls in Tech LA Members Get $100 Off for digiday: Video Upfront

This is yet another great opportunity I’m happy to be sharing straight from the Girls in Tech blog.

There’s no doubt that online video is the future of entertainment. From Netflix movies you can watch on your iPad to promo pieces you can see on your favorite brand’s Facebook page, online video is one of the fastest growing mediums in the modern world. And everyone, from studios to salespeople, publishers to producers, wants a piece of the action.

Which is why Girls in Tech LA is proud to be partnering with DM2 Events to sponsor Digiday: Video Upfront. This bicoastal conference will feature sessions in both New York and LA, and the local leg boasts a keynote by Rob Davis of Ogilvy. Other speakers at the LA conference include representatives from CNN, MSNBC, Fox Networks, MTV Networks, comScore and more.

The whole thing kicks off at noon on April 14, and you can see more details here.  And don’t forget to use code DDVGIT to get $100 off your ticket.


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