Social Media + Fashion: Designing The Perfect Location-Based Marketing Plan

From Marc Jacobs to Lucky Magazine, it looks like the fashion world has finally jumped on the social media bandwagon. This year, for the first time, bloggers were sitting in the front rows at all the major fashion shows — right down the aisle from the upturned nose of the mighty Ms. Wintour.

And now, even Mashable’s getting in on the trend with a rundown of the ways the world’s most cutting edge clothing and beauty brands are jumping on the location-based social media marketing bandwagon. And boy is that bandwagon getting crowded.

Not that that’s a bad thing. For my money, the more sectors of industry that embrace location-based marketing, the better it is for everyone. Mom and pop shops have as much chance of competing on the location-based level as multinational chains, and sometimes even more so. Consumers get the benefit of coupons and daily deals. And, social media becomes an even more engaging and enriched space. The only obvious losers are the privacy advocates, and to those people, I say what I’ve always said – you don’t have to participate.

The rest of us will be perfectly happy sipping our half off lattes in our exclusive Marc Jacobs blazers and exchanging mayorships all day long at that little local bar we found on Yelp. But don’t worry, I’ll invite you via DM if you wanna come.

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