Google Buzz App Directory: Yeah, It’s Unofficial But It’s Still Pretty Cool

So, what can you do with google buzz? Well, you can generate memes, create charts, share stories, build desktop apps, water your plants, improve your blog, sing karaoke, manage your contacts and cure most forms of cancer.

Okay, not exactly. But, Google Buzz is (still) being heralded as the best thing on the web since sliced bits, or something like that. And it is a pretty cool platform. It still hasn’t made its way into my daily web surfing routine, but it has made its way onto my igoogle, which says a lot. And, now that Mashable is announcing an unofficial app directory to help keep track of all the things Google Buzz can do, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I’m getting buzzed regularly too – especially if someone figures out a way for me to Tweet while I’m buzzing.


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