Twitter Spam & Phishing Attacks: Avoid Them With One Rule of Thumb

Frankly, I’m getting a little sick of everyone always bitching about Twitter phishing attacks. Don’t get me wrong. I understand how awful it is to lose control over your own accounts to evil spammers trying to sell weight loss tips and sex advice to your friends. But it’s one thing to have your account hacked. It’s quite another to be dumb enough to fall prey to this latest round of ‘Is This You?’ phishing attacks.

Clicking on unsolicited links in a direct message is a lot like leaving all your doors open on a hot summer night and then being surprised when you end up with bugs in your house. Whether you know the sender or not, it’s a stupid thing to do. Especially since all it takes is two seconds to reply with ‘hey, did you mean to dm me that link or is it spam?’ Hell, you can send that & still have 90 characters left to fill in your message. And those two seconds could save you innumerable hours of spam-fueled tsoris (excuse my Yiddish).

So yes, spammers do suck. And phishers are the bane of the modern web user’s existence. But, that doesn’t mean we have to let them dominate the conversation, especially not when there’s so many more interesting things we could be tweeting and blogging and status updating about. And definitely not when all it takes is a two second defense mechanism and a little bit of brains to protect yourself from all those all-too-obvious phisher’s lines.


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